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Welcome To Camp HASC

We provide unforgetable experiences for children and adults

The Latest From Camp HASC Multiples $1 Donations to Make a Meaningful Impact on People’s Lives

To date, more than 9,000 people from 34 countries give a dollar a day, and the nonprofit distributes

HASC Camp After Camp Brings Respite Again

HASC Camp After Camp Brings Respite Again For Many

What Camp HASC Means to Me

What Camp HASC means to me

Working at the Happiest Place on Earth: Behind the Scenes of Camp HASC

Behind the Scenes at Camp HASC

My Summer at Camp HASC

My Summer at Camp HASC

West Hempstead Shabbaton Loves Camp HASC

West Hempstead shabbaton loves Camp HASC

A Summer to Remember

At Camp HASC, activities are designed to be completely inclusive — from sports and swimming to carnivals and field trips — allowing campers to experience an unforgettable summer.

Unparalleled Care

A team of nearly 30 doctors, nurses, paramedics, emergency professional and support staff provide 24-hour care, ensuring the safety and wellbeing of every staff member and camper.

Reaching Milestones

Campers receive formal and informal occupational, physical, aquatic, speech and music therapy daily, enabling individuals to surpass goals beyond anyone’s expectations.

Thank You Camp HASC

Changing lives year in, year out.

“Sending our son to a place where being different is the norm was exactly right. Our son deserves to be somewhere where everyone thinks he is a rockstar, and where no matter what he does, he is perfect in their eyes.”

Miriam and David Mark

Brooklyn, NY

“We don’t have the words to adequately express our deep feelings of appreciation for all who make this wonderful miracle called Camp HASC happen! We thought no one could possibly make our child happy or manageable! In the eight short weeks of camp, you were able to bring happiness to our daughter and bring her back to life. Bassie progressed in more ways over this one summer than she has in years of intense therapy.”

Yisroel and Chany Silberstein

Miami, FL

Ready to Change Lives?

Your support allows Camp HASC to offer a life-changing summer to hundreds of campers.