At Camp HASC we are one big family. Over the years loving parents and thankful HASC family members have shared their feelings with us. In turn, we are honored to share some of their feelings and feedback here with you.


I am beyond grateful for the opportunity you've given my sons… when they were in camp I had an opportunity  to step back, address the needs of my other family members and just reflect… to be social and become more independent was the best thing for them - they are now home and smiling about their summer I feel equipped to meet the challenges that come with raising my two special children- - from the bottom of our hearts we thank you!

- Marlo & Manny


Thank you - Camp HASC staff and supporters, for the most unbelievable summer experience for Miriam.  Thank you for making Miriam feel so loved and accepted for who she is.

For Miriam to have so many friends (her counselors), who make her the focus of their attention, love and constant support, gives her pure joy, confidence and renewed vigor.


She had a wonderful summer. The love, care and acceptance she received, she could not have gotten from anywhere else.

We would like to thank camp HASC directors, the medical staff and all the dedicated team members for all their hard work. And great appreciation to the camp HASC supporters whose generosity made this summer experience a reality.

With much gratitude,

Rabbi Danny and Sonya

P.S. We asked Miriam, what she would like to do next summer? Her response: I want to be a camp HASC counselor.


I want to express my Hakaras Hatov to Camp HASC for giving Miriam Taitel and her family another Summer that we look forward to throughout the year.  The love and care from the staff makes Miriam happy.  Knowing that Miriam is in good hands, even with her challenges and disabilities, allows the rest of the family to do so many things that are not easy to do when Miriam is at home.

I was able to visit with friends spontaneously. I didn’t have to worry about babysitters.  I was able to complete house projects that are difficult to do when Miriam is around. I was able to relax and have respite.   I was able to give my grandchildren some of their own needed attention without me always worrying about Miriam feeling left out.  I was able to have Shabbos meals with all the bells and whistles, instead of no China dishes done buffet style. I was able to take care of my aging mother and take her to doctor appointments. I was able to fly to Israel and share in the bris for my son’s first child.  I was able to go to the Kotel and daven. 

Without Camp HASC I would not have been able to experience the many events that are important and meaningful.  Thank you!!!  You all really make a difference.

- Lisa

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