HASC Camp After Camp Brings Respite Again

Devorah Grant
September 20, 2018
5 min read
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As the dust settled and the final bus rolled out of the Camp HASC campus and the magnificent 2018 camp season appeared to have come to a conclusion, several buses filled with new campers and staff rolled through the gate to experience a final week of fun. Camp After Camp is an extension of Camp HASC which provides children with special needs an extraordinary experience, while allowing parents to have additional time for respite and relaxation. This girls-only recreational program is designed to give the special-needs population a final week of fun, enjoyment, and stimulation before the school year begins.

Camp After Camp 2018 was a fantastic success, with a wonderfully positive atmosphere and warmth which was palpable and permeated the air. Enter the HASC grounds on any day and you will encounter a bursting program in full-swing, as children laughed, sang, and danced their way through all the activities.

Each child walked around with a sense of pride knowing that they belonged to the CAC family, and that they were cared for by a counselor who wanted nothing more than to give them the best week possible. Camp After Camp provides the activities these children love best, including swimming, sensory sessions, music, baking, drumming, and art. The professionals on the specialty staff worked to ensure that every activity provided the maximum enjoyment and benefit to every camper. These activities gave special campers the chance to develop their abilities in an environment tailor-made for them, and seeing the smiles on everyone’s faces made it obvious that it was a success.

Camp After Camp also had the pleasure of a number of shows and performances from renowned Jewish performers, allowing the children with special needs to have their dreams fulfilled. Despite the different ages, backgrounds, and special needs, there was a unified atmosphere of giving, love, and acceptance from campers and staff alike. A shout for help or a question from any counselor was always addressed with maximum support and focus from the dedicated CAC head staff team, who gave their days, nights, and all their thoughts to helping each counselor and camper have the best experience possible. The staff was also aided by professionals such as a feeding therapist and occupational therapist, who guided them in caring for their campers’ needs. In addition to all the programs, each night of camp brought a surprise activity for the staff to enjoy, after an action-packed day caring for the children in their charge.

With staff from all over the U.S. and Europe, CAC 2018 had a diverse crowd, who all brought skill, dedication, and talent to the CAC family. And as the coaches drew up to take everyone home, there was sadness in the Happiest Place on Earth — but there has to be an ending. But only until next year.

Devorah Grant
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